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Plan to leave Arizona soon

August 28, 2012

Mc Carran, NV – While I continue to drive all over the Westetn United States as guided by freight John Lamb has just notched his fourth game appearance for the Kansas City Royals AZL team. I realize that during his professional baseball career many of his games will simply be read about, or possibly heard via radio broadcast, rather than observed in the desert heat. There have been a few bumps in the road of recovery and it’s only been a week since removing the boot of his left foot. The plan for John to leave Arizona and achieve more work on the Royals farm is simply fantastic news for all that have been eager to see him pitch again after the elbow surgery. Any baseball game with John Lamb in a box score, radio broadcast, internet feed or watching from the seats will always bring joy to this dad.


I was fortunate to have seen last Wednesday night’s game during some time off the road while in Arizona. I was pleasantly surprised to see him pitch knowing his legs are still not at full strength. The ankle injury really took a toll on his ability to work his lower half but overall it was great to see him take the ball to the hill. Velocity was upper 80’s on the fast ball and he flashed a couple decent change ups during the two plus innings of work. The established pitch count was hit before recording an out in the top of the third but another good step down the road. The results may not have been stellar in the box score but the performance helped build some character with regard to the game’s disappointments. Can’t wait to see him throw again with some added strength in his legs and I can only hope it’s before the end of this season.

The recent return to our highway system pulling cargo from point A to point B may have some challenges with seeing John pitch but it will not keep me from eyeballing the box scores. John should be in a game on September 1 with the Idaho Falls Chukars during a road trip. I can only hope that last night’s outing is the beginning of better things to come during his rehab return to the Pioneer League. John managed three scoreless, no hits or walks while striking out three during Monday night’s game. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and have a load that routes by a stadium or two the next few weeks and see the lefty throw again.

No matter are the means of information about John’s next game, nor the specific results, the most important thing at this stage of rehab is to continue to take the ball every fifth day. Helping his team get outs and wins are a mere bonus with the effort. I am eager to read about his next start in the Pioneer League through Baseball America or through the eyes of an Idaho Falls reporter.

  1. August 29, 2012 22:58

    Hello – thanks for the visit but please note my accounts of his velocity during last Wednesday night’s game … you added 10 MPH to my figure. We can all hope he throws that hard someday but it’s not likely to gain that much during maturity and strength. He simply needs to stay healthy, throw strikes and help his team get outs.


  1. John Lamb's Road Back Goes Through Idaho Falls - Idaho News Feed | Idaho News Feed

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