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Beloit blasts Burlington before a day off

April 29, 2010

Starting pitcher John Lamb despite not having any wins, has put up some pretty good numbers, until the Wednesday morning game in Burlington, Iowa. The Beloit Snappers, Class A team of the Minnesota Twins, got to Lamb early by putting up 2 consecutive runs in the 1st and 2nd inning and taking a 4-1 lead into the top of the fifth inning when Lamb was removed from the game. One of the runs allowed came off the bat of a fellow team-mate, during the Fall of 2007, Aaron Hicks and his first home-run of the 2010 Midwest League season

Once again, hitting his early season pitch count restrictions for the young Southern California “southpaw,” due to walks and deep counts on the hitters. The ball was now in the hands of the bullpen, which has not done very well during this early part of the season. Unfortunately, the ball was given to two pitchers with the two worst season ERA numbers of the season for the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth innings. The chance for the Bees to win was slim at best, following those decisions.

Game decisions sometimes just don’t make any sense for a Dad of a professional baseball pitcher, but this is not my first game I have watched. The Burlington Bees, Class A team of the Kansas City Royals, were only 3 runs down and decided to go with two pitchers that have given up the most runs on the team, during their limited work. No sense, at all for the purpose of winning, so it must have been for development reasons.

The Bees offense was not capable of getting more than the 1 run posted in the first inning and lost the game by a final score of 11-1. Best news in the clubhouse should have been a reminder of having Thursday off from any scheduled games. Finally, giving the guys a much-needed break, for the first time, during this 140 game season.

No need to worry just yet John Lamb. Greinke has not won a game either, as of writing this article, and he was the 2009 American League Cy Young winner.

Enjoy the day off Bees!

– – – James Lamb

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