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Nothing but gratitude from the Lamb family!

July 18, 2010

Not sure, why, but last evening I received a disturbing phone call that indicated there was rumor of my frustration with the Kansas City Royals organization being displayed on this site. 

The slanderous rumor couldn’t be further from the truth…just simply spend a few minutes on this site. Read for yourself and I’m sure you will find that nothing but complete gratitude has been displayed throughout my posts and comments to readers. Not a day goes by without being grateful to the  entire Royals organization for everything they have done for my son, John Lamb. From his 2008 draft choice to his continued promotions and challenges during his young professional baseball career, again the Lamb family says “thank you, for your continued opportunities.” 

For the person that started this rumor…this is for you! 

Say hello to John's little friend!


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