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Ouch…”official scorer” changes the numbers on Lamb!

July 23, 2010

While surfing the Internet late last night to digest Thursday’s melt down by the Blue Rocks bullpen during series opening game in Kinston, I noticed some discrepancy with the categorical stats for my son, John Lamb. I knew he didn’t pitch again last night and give up another earned run from behind home plate during his charting duties, so I needed to dig a little deeper.  

Photo credit - Keith Lovett / Article by Baseball America

Article by John Sadak

Earlier reports on Baseball America, by Brad Badler, and the Blue Rocks, John Sadak, returned my sense of sanity to the situation. I wasn’t losing my mind over the accounts to the game I listened to during Lamb’s 20th start of his first full season in the minor league level. Apparently the score keeper made some simple changes to impact the major categories on a pitcher. Oh well…I wasn’t there to really confirm the changes but I can tell you it is much easier to digest knowing that the first earned run allowed by Lamb, going back five Carolina League starts, came out of his hand, rather than the Blue Rocks bullpen, with this hick-up by the Pelicans scorer. Thanks whoever you are… because this professional baseball dad is real happy with your indecision Wednesday night.  

Just to clear the air, the official statistics for the last start by John Lamb was 7.1 innings, 3 runs (2 earned), 4 hits, 0 walks and 8 strike-outs. At least the scorer can’t take away his strike-outs and add a walk. Can he, or she do that? Lamb still sits on the top of all the Minor League Baseball levels with his 1.46 combined seasons ERA.  

John Lamb stats page / Photo credit - Bill Mitchell

Anyone that follows baseball realizes the dynamics of the statistics and numbers throughout the game. Some statistics are true guides of the player’s ability while others simply break down areas for conversation and debate.  

Obviously just speaking for myself, I want to know if a pitcher throws strikes, gets outs and minimizes run production when he is on the mound. I want to know if a player can catch and throw the ball. I want to know if a batter can hit the ball and how often he gets on base to help his team score runs.  

I assume that someone had a camera rolling during a Pelicans, Blue Rocks game in Myrtle Beach, SC based on a recent capture shown on ESPN. The scene of a frisky cat being captured with a towel in the Myrtle Beach Pelicans outfield, during a recent game versus the Wilmington Blue Rocks, managed to find the number four spot on the “Not Top Plays” by ESPN on this morning’s broadcast.  

Not sure if it was the same game that had John Lamb pounding the strike zone against the Pelicans, but it will serve a nice conversation piece the next time we talk. If anyone knows the means of finding these video accounts of minor league baseball games, please send me a direct tweet, email or comment on this site.  

Hope the Blue Rocks can keep up the slim margin on top of the Northern Division for the Carolina League by having a short memory over last night’s game against the Kinston Indians and get back to the basics of pitcher’s throwing strikes, playing catch and hitting the baseball. The Rocks have three more game against the Indians before a return to Frawley Stadium in Wilmington, DE for their next home-stand.

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  1. Chris permalink
    July 23, 2010 11:07

    I hate to hear that, if you are anything like we I watch and call the games my kids play in with my heart not my EYES!!! LOL!!! Even with the Ghost Run showing up John is still tearing up the Minors. Giving up a hit every 1.42 innings pitched, a 4 to 1 Stikeout to Walk Ratio, and only giving up 1 earned run every 6.148 innings pitched I would say he is still having the best season in all of minor leagues by a long shot!!! If you haven’t got a chance yet see my reply to your last post. Look forward to continued reading about Johns future successes…

    • July 23, 2010 11:35


      Not the end of the world with the changes to his current ERA…it still is something to be proud of as a parent and I know that John is happy to see his own mug on the front page of MiLB during his first full season effort. Thanks again for your visits and comments!

  2. Chris permalink
    July 23, 2010 11:43

    Yes you should be very PROUD!!! I am very excited to see his career building to a very bright future with the KC Royals as I am sure you are too.

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