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Lamb on eBay

July 25, 2010

Orange County, CA – My passion for baseball started when I was very young and I have spent a small fortune over the years collecting baseball memorabilia. Photos, baseballs, bats, trading cards, helmets and autographs from many present and past players of the greatest game ever played loom around the house and office.

However, all of them put together don’t measure up to last year’s Christmas present from my son. He gave me the ball and glove from his first professional baseball game in Burlington, NC. He signed both and they sit in a covered display case with a Burlington Royals hat, including his baseball card from the Appalachian League. John wasn’t there very long before his promotion to the Advanced Rookie level, Pioneer League and the Idaho Falls Chukars. Truly, the most cherished display amidst plenty of baseball items that I have collected over the years.

Alright…I know that John Lamb has had some of his baseball cards and autographs on eBay recently. I realize that collecting is a dynamic part of the entertainment value for professional baseball, but it is very surreal to see my son with multiple listings on the auction site that has pioneered the industry of selling over the Internet.

2010 Bowman card

I refuse to speculate on the BV (book value) of his cards or autographs because John is in the early stage of his professional baseball career. Sure, if he continues in the direction that many have forecasted within the Kansas City Royals organization or the Major League Baseball community, most of the 2010 Bowman cards will rise in value during his baseball career.

I believe, wholeheartedly, that my son will play in the big leagues someday and help an organization win games which will contribute to a World Series Championship. Talent, intestinal fortitude, aptitude of the game, splash of luck, hard work and perseverance will continue to allow him to live his dream of playing professional baseball and more importantly getting to the “show.” When this happens, all those people, including myself, will be smiling about having one of the 2010 Bowman cards.

My sincere thanks goes out to the entire Royals organization for my son’s opportunity.

  1. Robert S permalink
    July 25, 2010 20:53

    James, I can’t imagine how exciting it must be for you to be following your son’s career. I’ve been a Royals fan for as long as I can remember (30 years and counting…) and the promise shown by John and his peers in the organization is as exciting as any development since the mid-90s. Here’s hoping for a long and fruitful relationship between your son and the Royals. Best wishes and thanks for all the updates! Go Blue Rocks! Go Royals! Go John Lamb!

    • July 25, 2010 22:30

      Thank you for your visit and kind words. We share your optimism about the Royals future. There are many young and talented players throughout the farm system. The lefty gets the ball tomorrow in Wilmington, DE…GO ROCKS!

  2. Chris permalink
    July 26, 2010 09:27

    I thought you would find this interesting: Here is a scouting report on John coming out of high school. Just a walk down memory lane:

    Focus Area Comments
    Fastball: Lamb threw an easy 88 mph and touched 91.
    Curve: It’s really a left-handed slurve, but he showed a few with more bite than he’s shown in the past at around 76-78 mph.
    Changeup: Lamb thew his changeup around 78 mph with arm side fade.
    Control: He threw all of his pitches for strikes at the showcase, something he hasn’t always done consistently.
    Poise: He was fairly poised on the mound.
    Physical Description: Lamb is a tall, lanky lefty with a free and easy delivery.
    Medical Update: Healthy.
    Strengths: Lamb has a good frame with a really clean delivery. He’s a good athlete who’s been looked at as a hitter in the past.
    Weaknesses: While he was improved at the showcase, he hasn’t shown enough of a breaking ball in the past. The same holds true with command — he hasn’t always thrown strikes consistently.
    Summary: As recently as last summer, Lamb was a two-way player who was drawing some interest as a John Mabry-type hitter. It appears that he’s now more focused on pitching and it’s paying off. If he continues to improve his breaking ball and his command, the lefty should garner plenty of attention leading up to the draft.

    On another note did you find that interview with Dayton?

    Here’s to John mowing them down tonight!!!

    • July 26, 2010 09:48


      Yeh…I remember that scouting report. It was actually the last one published prior to the 2008 draft, due to the injury from the auto accident. It was tough on John to miss his whole senior season, but we were very thankful for the Royals pick in the 5th.

      Yes, I did listen to the Dayton Moore interview…put a big smile on my face for sure.

      Thanks again for your visit and sharing your comments!

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