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Lamb’s Texas League debut not as hoped for

July 31, 2010

Springfield, MO – The Texas League debut might not have been what Lamb had hoped for, but I know he is fully aware of the games complexity despite his young age. You’re not always going to miss bats, prevent runs or dominant the competition as a pitcher and my son realizes that, I’m sure.

John Lamb started the game tonight against the Springfield Cardinals, Texas League affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, by striking out two of the four batters faced in the first inning. The uneventful second and third innings were followed by a two run fourth and another two run fifth before giving the ball to the Northwest Arkansas Naturals bull-pen. Both innings that produced runs for the Cardinals included errors, one was at the hand of John and the other was the inability to catch a fly ball by one of the Naturals outfielders.

The lack of Naturals offense was due in part to a sound starting performance by the 23 year-old Scott McGregor who spread out 3 hits over his 7 innings of work and allowed only 1 earned run in the second inning. The last inning against Cardinals pitcher, Jason Buursma was a good example of the Naturals evening at the plate. All three 9th inning outs were recorded on just four pitches while chasing a seven run deficit.

John Lamb spread out his 86 pitches by throwing 56 in the strike zone, allowed 6 hits, 4 runs (3 earned runs), 1 walk, 4 strike outs and 1 home-run throughout his 5 innings of work. Christopher Chavez and Walter Swaggerty came in from the bull-pen but Chavez just couldn’t hold off the Cardinals bats as he gave up 4 more earned runs during his 2 and two-thirds innings in front of 8,484 Springfield home fans.

I would like to blame something else for the results of my son’s Texas League debut, but as a baseball man for many years I can’t do that.  I wish I could blame the new low number on his back, the throw-back uniforms, not having a new profile picture on his bio page, the umpire’s strike zone, sleeping too much last night or not being able to listen to the game from the house due to another baseball commitment that required my attention during the start of his AA debut, but none of that really mattered. Lamb simply did not execute a few pitches during the game.

The game of baseball is failure base on many levels and those that make the adjustments to limit failure will succeed. Tonight’s game was a learning experience for my son and I have utmost confidence that he will take something away from this start that will benefit his professional baseball career in the long run. The Kansas City Royals future remains bright with, or without, a stellar debut by John Lamb tonight.

  1. Jeff permalink
    July 31, 2010 21:35

    No worries! John is off to a blazing hot start for the Kansas City Royals baseball organization and is now in the Texas League before he can legally purchase the BOOZE.

    Think of it this way, 23 year old Aaron Crow has a worse ERA in 130+ AA innings than John has in his first 5 as a 20 year old! And oh yeah, he just got demoted back to a level John has already dominated

    • July 31, 2010 21:42


      No worries from me…that’s for sure. He is having a very good start to his professional baseball career and I’m sure he will lose at least 1 more, get hit a little or maybe even give up another “big-fly” before he is done playing. Thanks for the visit and comments!

  2. August 1, 2010 10:05

    I’m a big Royals fan and am excited to see what a prospect John is developing into. He has really surpassed a lot of people’s expectations.

    Not to get ahead of myself, but if/when he gets called up to Omaha I will be very excited!

    Also, I enjoy the great photography you do as well. I do a lot of custom cards (often Royals players) and did one of John this morning.

    • August 1, 2010 13:50


      Thanks for the vist and comment. We continue to be supportive and excited for the direction John’s career has been heading with the Kansas City Royals organization. Some close friends were at the AA debut, last night, and had great things to say about his disposition following his efforts on the field, including the progress of his pitches and command. The Royals have blessed my son in many ways through continued challenges and we will always be very grateful for their part in his baseball development.

  3. SpringtownRoyal permalink
    August 2, 2010 12:27

    I am a big Royals fan, located in Springfield, MO. I was at John’s AA start the other night, and while his overall line might not have been what we hoped for, he looked good. I get to see a lot of guys down here in AA, and most of them look the same. Every now and then, a dynamite prospect comes through, and we get to see him with our own eyes. Sometimes these prospects look good, other times you wonder what all the fuss is about.

    John looked very good on the “eye test.” I was really impressed with his changeup, and his overall approach. His fastball looked good, and he located pretty well. He had a tough scoring call on a should have been error, that they scored a hit.

    Many times when I am watching a guy that is a legit prospect, I do my best to avoid looking at the “stat” line for the game, the pitch, or the at-bat, and just look at the tool set (obviously you can’t do that too long, results eventually matter) and when looking at John’s this weekend, I was very happy to be a Royals fan. He has a bright career ahead of him.

    • August 2, 2010 13:10


      Thanks for the visit and comments. It is always great to hear that my son has impressed another fan of the game and it’s even better that you’re a Royals fan. We are very excited with John’s professional career, at this stage of his early development and continue to feel very blessed that he is surrounded with plenty of talent in the organization. All the Royals players in the farm system right now have to put a few smiles on the faces of the families and fans associated with the team. I feel like good times are coming to Kansas City…real soon!

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