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All about the experience

March 26, 2011

Laguna Hills, CA – There are many families, friends and associates connected to professional baseball players. Some have more frequency than others during their own special experiences with these young men. No matter how few minutes, hours, or days occur during our attachments with these paths, it’s really all about the experience that makes them special. Surely there are thousands of unique stories to be told about being linked to a professional baseball player, but for me any moment I can spend around my son John Lamb near a ballpark I am in a very happy place despite my high level of physical pain and discomfort.

Photo credit - Justin White

Thursday, I endured a very long day of last-minute travel to get my first snap shot view of my son’s third Spring training with the Kansas City Royals. Taking a bus was truly the most responsible method of travel under my current situation but extremely difficult. Emotionally worth every second of happiness at the Kansas City Royals facility in Surprise, Arizona during a simulated game but physically still paying the price. Sure the results on the field were nice to see for the first time this season, but watching my son live his dream in a professional uniform can not be fully articulated.

A steady urge to grin comes from sincere joy of knowing that my son is continuing his journey with an open-minded approach, respect and humility. The occasional article I find, or has been forwarded, about John doesn’t just make me smile about the progress of his baseball career but at times can bring tears to my eyes over his statements. I’m obviously very proud of many things said about my son playing baseball but clearly the affable label pinned on my son, by Patricia La Bella from Orange County High School Sports and the while writing about professional baseball players from the Orange County area, hits close to my heart. It really makes me proud that he continues to embrace the attention thru his entire opportunity to play the game with approachability towards all.

The game and business of baseball can be cruel in an instant to any aspiring talent from all the obvious variables. How a player controls most of the obstacles will greatly impact their value to the game and it really does make me extremely happy when I get reports of his warm and sincere personality from complete strangers, but those that experience professional baseball with open eyes and the willingness to learn can and will go a very long way around this great game. Only control the variables you can and never worry about those you can’t was the general rule of advice given to my son navigating the early stages of his career.

Photo credit - James Lamb

My perception of Thursday morning’s work by John was good overall but really just another long day at the yard for my son. Got a chance to grab some video on the Flip camera, download a flash card from his long time friend Justin White with lots of pictures, have some breakfast with Andy Shaw, his agent with Paragon Sports International, and take in a little Arizona sun. While my son and his fellow Royals hands complete their Spring training assignments we stand by with anticipation for John Lamb toeing the slab again.

I realize some accounts will be good, some might be bad and others will just be okay during the many months ahead. Sure the results are important to advance a career in baseball but the real important accounts come from within the organization to compete at the highest level. We remain forever appreciative towards the Royals organization for all the special experiences along this jaunt. John Lamb is merely one of thousands of other professional players in baseball working towards the big leagues. With all the staggering statistics available which clearly point towards the failure rate involved with these dreams the best thing anyone can do is to simply savor every moment during the journey and be thankful for their rare opportunity.

  1. March 28, 2011 23:12

    While talking to so many young guys when I was in Arizona, it became easy to tell apart the serious ones from the goof-offs. Even though I pegged John as affable, I could tell right away that he was one of the serious ones.
    It’s really fun watching John’s career unfold. I wish you and your family good health and happiness. I especially wish good health to you James.

    • March 29, 2011 09:23

      Patricia –
      Again thanks for the visit and comments. Whenever John is around the ballpark, it is all about helping his team win and have success on the field. John loves the game and has for many years now. It makes me very proud that he continues to work hard around the game and I really enjoy the accounts of his work ethic and desire to improve. Best of wishes to you and yours also 🙂

  2. Ron in NM permalink
    March 30, 2011 09:57

    Glad you could make it to AZ to see him and hope your health improves. Our kids can bring us such joy and pleasure, not just when we see them succeed, but when we get to see how they treat others, deal with adversity and make wise decisions. Best to you and still looking forward to seeing John in KC (although a stop in AAA so I can see him pitch here in ABQ would be nice)!

    • April 1, 2011 10:15

      Ron –
      Thanks for the visit and comment. John continues to make us very proud of his progress dealing with professional baseball, both on and off the field. He will be in KC this Saturday for an exhibition game following the Angels game. He is excited for the opportunity and said he feels good breaking camp for another season 🙂

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