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April 24, 2011

Photo credit - Anthony Reyes

Laguna Hills, CA – The Northwest Arkansas Naturals, Double-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, has been forced to postpone the last couple of games by means of weather. The entire Midwest has coped with the same conditions of miserable weather and an unusual amount of tornadoes also. My wife Colleen assured me sometime ago that Spring has always spawned plenty of twisters thru the Midwest, thereby the reason it has been labeled tornado alley. Unfortunately, John Lamb and fellow teammates are right in the thick of tornado alley during this early part of a full-season schedule in the minor leagues. John should have been set to pitch tomorrow if the Naturals had not postponed the last two games of their home-stand, but for now we patiently wait for the news of his next appearance on the mound.

For a variety of reasons I have decided to wait for a few days following his starts to post about his performance in the Texas League part of his professional baseball career. There are plenty of other competent accounts of the Naturals games which discuss the results and highlights for the Royals farm system. No need for a sometimes emotional Dad to jump on the computer following his starts and ramble about the details. For now I will simply wait for a few days following his starts before I post about his performance.

Whenever possible I continue to chart his games with a spreadsheet that I designed. The chart allows me to discuss details with John when we talk about his recent work on the hill. The charting system is really more for me and not my son during his baseball career, but it does allow for some intriguing conversation with my son on occasion about his work while trying to get outs for his team.

John Lamb (0-1, 5.56) picked up his first loss of the 2011 season during the third start of the year for the Naturals against the Corpus Christi Hooks, Double-A team of the Houston Astros organization, in the coastal town of Texas. The following details reflect most of the notes taken during the game that we managed to see on from home.

Innings pitched – 4.2
Batters faced – 21
First pitch strikes – 12
Total pitches – 80
Strikes thrown – 51
Ground ball outs – 4
Fly ball outs – 5
Pick offs – 1
Strike outs – 5
Walks – 1 (intentional)
Hit by pitch – 1
Earned runs – 4
Hits – 5
Home runs – 1

Sure I’m aware that most of the statistics noted are available through various sites on the Internet, but I’ve always taken an active set of notes for every game my son has ever played. It has become much easier during his professional baseball career, since he no longer plays a position when not on the mound and the fact he only pitches every five days or so. Seeing him throw on our computer kept a constant tingle of joy while watching him go about his business. I was elated to hear he bumped 94 on the radar guns which only confirms the fact John is feeling better from the Spring discomfort noted by the media.

The current weather situation in the region has offered more rest between starts and has the household on edge with news from the region about the tornadoes running rampant. Not only does my wonderful wife have family and friends living in the St. Louis area but with John in the area during this assignment with the Kansas City Royals we have an added sense of concern about the devastating weather. We patiently wait to hear the news of his next start which now appears to be set for Wednesday afternoon in Springfield, MO. John Lamb should have a familiar face in the crowd during the next series since a good friend and Associate Scout for Arizona, Tony Piazza, lives nearby.

  1. Jeff permalink
    April 24, 2011 21:33

    Great news to hear about the velocity coming back. It has been disappointing to have the last two Naturals games rained out as I eagerly anticipate going through all of the Royals minor league box scores every night.

    From that last game it looks like John still has his excellent control except for the one hit batter. I have a hunch John is gonna pitch well and go deep against the Springfield team.


    • April 26, 2011 15:41

      Jeff –
      The weather is making it tough on the entire region, not just baseball. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the alley right now with all the chaos! Looking forward to tomorrow’s day game which has provided plenty of rest for all the Naturals players 🙂 Take care and be safe…

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