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More than eight weeks ago

July 31, 2011

Laguna Hills, CA – It is very easy to spend some time throughout any day thinking about baseball if you love the game. Many people scattered worldwide do just that based on their unique relationship with baseball. Some, like me, have a professional attachment to America’s grand old game outside of being a fan of professional baseball. My son John Lamb (1-2, 3.09) and my current part-time scouting responsibility for the Florida Marlins in Southern California offer me a great reason to routinely think about baseball. It’s been a little more than eight weeks ago that my son underwent a ’Tommy John’ surgery with Dr. Lewis Yocum in his Los Angeles facility to repair his left arm. This professional baseball prospect dad continues to be grateful for the past, saddened by the present and optimistic about the future for my son.

Not one day goes by without thankful thoughts towards the Kansas City Royals organization and the blessings they have provided John Lamb out of Laguna Hills High School after the 2008 first year player draft. I told my son he had ‘a snow balls chance in #3!!’ getting his name called on the first day of that draft due in part having not played his entire senior season. With my wife Colleen taking the day off from work and John staying home from school we were all intent to watch and listen for the names of players we knew around amateur baseball. A new driving job and work schedule did not give me the real living room experience of the Royals 5th round selection, but my phone exploded within seconds of the official announcement on draft tracker. John’s first year of draft eligibility was more than a dream coming true on day one of the 2008 Major League Baseball First-Year Player draft. His desire for a professional baseball opportunity became a reality and the Lamb family will always be very appreciative toward the Kansas City Royals organization.

Scar from the Tommy John surgery!

The sorrow within the household now is due in part to the obvious pause of John Lamb not contributing in the game he absolutely loves to play. Despite knowing that injury is a normal occurrence around sports it really hasn’t helped some cope with the need to wait for the rehabilitation process to run the natural course. Fortunately, my son has been down similar paths of disappointment in his life and remains very optimistic during his rehab work with the Royals. The left arm has had full range of motion for quite some time now and he continues to work hard towards throwing the ball again when the doctor indicates he is ready to begin. Routine phone calls and or text messages confirm that John remains positive with the current situation while on the ‘disabled list’ for the first time during his young professional baseball career.

No matter how much anger or disdain some may have for the current Kansas City season, I have tremendous optimism about the Royals future. The organization has assisted with my disposition by giving my son one of the best known surgeons in the industry to help with his return to baseball. I have no reason to change my posture of temperament with the times ahead for the club. Even though my son’s involvement with the Royals future may be in a holding pattern now, I am more than confident in his ability, desire and work ethic for a swift return to an active role with helping the organization win championships in the very near future.

The Lamb family will continue our love affair with the game of baseball and stay thankful for our continued experiences around the ballpark.

  1. rbt permalink
    August 2, 2011 10:12

    James, good to hear from you and hope you check in occasionally while John undergoes his rehab. Glad to hear all is going well and know that he will be better for this when he comes out the other side.

  2. August 2, 2011 11:26

    Thanks for your continued support and optimism.

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