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A recent trip to Arizona really was baseball related

November 30, 2011

Laguna Hills, CA – Life has been challenged by many things during the past few months winding down the end of the professional baseball season. A continuous struggle with a two-year old injury has heavily weighed on the household and far more than anything related to the great game of baseball. Baseball has and always will be the perfect place of happiness within the Lamb family as fans first and with our modest connections second. With the St. Louis Cardinals defeating the Texas Rangers to end the Major League Baseball season in the 107th World Series some other professional baseball players also completed their efforts in the instructional leagues or the Arizona Fall League. Obviously John Lamb is not involved with any of these noted areas within professional baseball but he is still actively rehabilitating his arm from the Tommy John surgery earlier this year and preparing his body for next season. A recent trip to Arizona, a few weeks back, really was baseball related from the stand point of business, scouting, networking and more importantly getting a long overdue hug from the 6 foot 4 inch left-hander during his work in the Kansas City Royals complex.

An almost two-year old work injury from the end of 2009 has been a sharp thorn in the side of our household. The physically demanding trucking job hauling flammable freight around the Southern California basin came to an abrupt halt without warning following a delivery at a gasoline station in Orange County. After an arduous legal posture from the employer and very little help from the Workers Compensation Fund in California the claim was finally thrown to the curb. Baseball and scouting during this entire drawn out process was truly the only highlight during all the doctor visits and procedures performed without any real relief. Doctors, lawyers and the arrogant employer were the only winners at the end of the entangled mess of the California legal system. In retrospect, even though my pain continues to persist from the injury, the extra time did offer the opportunity to see more baseball games under my earlier Independent Contract agreement with the Marlins as a scout. New doors and opportunity have been opened as a result of this entire process through the extra scouting throughout the pain associated from the injury. I can only hope that a full-time scouting position comes from my added time around the ballpark learning about this great game of professional baseball.

Fortunately, my injury has taken a turn for the better following a recent surgical procedure known as a Discectomy a few weeks ago. All associated issues have been resolved following this simple surgery. I’m very thankful to have found a very competent surgeon perform the surgery which was long overdue to help my return to a productive way of life. My follow-up visit with Bryce Johnson, MD has confirmed that all appears to be going well with my recovery from the spinal injury. While there is still some pain at least I have full function of my right leg again and I’m looking forward to the start of rehabilitation soon.

The opportunity to have some recent visits with John has merely added to the joy of turning a different direction in life. He is continuing to prepare for the start of the 2012 season with his work in Surprise, AZ at the complex. His left arm is ready to throw again and scheduled to begin a throwing program in January, as directed by the Kansas City Royals organization. Not sure of all the details associated with plans of the program, but this Dad has full faith and confidence that John will continue to prepare himself for playing professional baseball for the Royals. We are very eager to hear and see his name every five days in a professional baseball uniform. For now the family will simply embrace this time of year with some extra visits by the left-hander due to the multiple holidays. One down and a couple more holidays to go before John Lamb hits the grind of another professional baseball season on the farm for the Kansas City Royals.

We will get an extra visit this coming weekend with John Lamb scheduled to sign autographs at the MVP Sports Cards store in Laguna Hills, CA just before the 1958 Mickey Mantle card raffle. Even though my son is humble in many ways and he realizes that plenty of work lie ahead to make his big league dreams, I have always been extremely proud of his willingness to sign for fans of the game. I hope to capture some smiles on the faces of attendees at the event for the local baseball trading card shop.

With the 2011 MLB season behind us, Fall League concluded, free agents being entertained by new teams, a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place which adds another five years to continuous Major League Baseball and the Winter meetings right around the corner one can’t help but embrace every aspect of the game during the off-season. The pinnacle event of professional baseball had an enormous amount of people who embraced the game this past October. Not only the die-hard fans of the each team involved but also the post-season followers that jump on board the water cooler chatter around the work place. The grind of baseball can typically wear down many people during the course of the season but the Fall Classic always has the tendency to ignite an extra attraction to the game. Our family follows baseball with great intensity and this year enticed my Saint Louis born wife just a tad bit more while her Cardinals ended up winning the 107th World Series.

The off-season for professional baseball is really not a true concept. Many deals are being made for clubs to try to improve their organization. Fans are busy contemplating every move by their favorite team. Some change hats and patiently hope for opportunity to align with another professional organization to stay connected with this great game. Although there may be a lull in posts on this site during the next few months, one thing is certain, there will be many more trips to Arizona in the very near future which will also be baseball oriented with my son, scouting and continued passion for baseball.

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  1. December 19, 2011 06:44

    I look forward to reading more as John progresses. Best of luck!

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