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Hoping it was a Merry Christmas for all

December 25, 2011

Orange County, CA – The left coast of our family, like many others, literally cherish this time of year. The Lamb family is hoping it was a Merry Christmas for everyone  that share similar challenges around the game of baseball. Management, staff, coaches, scouts and players are just a few of the examples whom endure great sacrifices away from their family during most of the Calender year.

This time of year provides the household an opportunity to get extra hugs from our loved ones. The arduous grind of a professional baseball season can be a challenge on any family through the travel and extended time away from home.

Recharging the mind and soul is a vital part of any professional baseball player’s success. John Lamb coming home for the holidays to take a short break from the clubhouse environment has been welcomed with open arms. It was great to see John show off the dimples over his new leather jacket!

While the last few days of 2011 are checked off the calendar, we share the excitement and anticipation of many other Kansas City Royals fans for the new season to begin. John Lamb is doing well and simply looking forward to direction by the Royals to begin a throwing program and return to his childhood passion of playing baseball.

Next holiday on the horizon will have us all one step closer to another Major League Baseball season. Again, the Lamb family wishes you all a safe and happy holiday season!


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